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Precisi​on Neuromuscular Therapy for Soft Tissue Pain Relief

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"I am 45 years old, self employed and work with my hands. I lifted something too heavy the wrong way and slipped two discs in my neck. My right hand was numb, I had very little feeling in three fingers, and pain in my upper back and neck. I had to sleep in a chair and only 2 hours at a time. A specialist sent me to a therapist who did electric shock, massage and exercises for 9 months with little to no effect.... I switched to Julie, and within a few sessions I started to get the feeling back in my arm and was able to sleep through the night. It took 6 months or so for the feeling to come back to my fingers and I now have full use of my arm. I realize this is a permanent condition but the odds of surgery were not acceptable to me. I see Julie every three weeks and... she simply keeps me out of surgery in a non-invasive way."


"Last year I had liposuction for my Gynocamastia and abdomen. The surgery went great but I wasn’t aware till after the procedure that I would need to see a massage therapist. Through a personal referral I was given Julie’s number. Julie got me in right away for treatment. Within no time at all Julie had my scar tissue broke up and I was healing at an accelerated pace. When I went to see my surgeon for my last visit he was amazed at the speedy recovery I made. Once I was done with treatment for my surgery I started seeing Julie bi-monthly for other aches and pains that life brings upon you. I highly recommend Julie for any issue, weather it be post surgery scar tissue, muscles, or just daily aches and pains. Julie is well educated and compassionate."

-Montie Hardman

"In December of 07 I began to have pain in my abdomen . Had many tests done and a lot of scripts . No help . Was sent to a gasterologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Once again many more tests at different hospitals once again no help... So I went to see Julie Nichols. Now keep in mind she was 58 miles from my home but I would have tried anything. First appointment was in end of April. We sat down and discussed all I had done up to this point. Said she just did not want me to be ok she wanted me to go back like I was prior to this. So the treatments started. Her honesty throughout the last few months was above and beyond the treatments. She was the only one that made a difference and honestly helped me. Stretched muscles in my abs and back. She worked then with intensity and professionalism and here I am today. She listened to me and helped. She made a difference in my life and I thank her."

-Guy J Rosso

"For the past 20 years I have gone for massage. Some was good, some was bad, and some actually great. Julie has always fallen into that great category. She always seems to know exactly what I need that day... Give her a try and I know you won't be sorry."

-Diane H.