Precisi​on Neuromuscular Therapy 

and Therapeutic Massage for 

Soft Tissue Pain Relief

Here's what our clients are saying:

"After every visit I walk out a new person. The knowledge of the body and keen awareness each therapist has is so impressive and has helped me an incredible amount. I recommend them 100%."

"Julie is very skilled and professional. She really understands how the body works and is able to treat painful areas without causing more pain. I've had hundreds of massages from more than 20 different therapists, Julie is one of the best."

"Came in with acute lower back pain. Kat was able to loosen up muscles and increase range of motion and relieve a lot of discomfort. A fantastic experience!”

"LOVE this place and am so glad I found it. Every therapist I’ve seen has been very knowledgeable and skilled at relieving muscle pain."

"Sue listened to the areas I wanted focused on and addressed all of them. She gives a phenomenal massage and is very passionate about helping people!"

"Amazing experience. Julie provides a combination of a gentle, refined message approach with an incredible degree of medical knowledge."

"Cincinnati BodyWork is a professional, welcoming, safe environment with top-notch therapists, in my experience. Every time I leave there, I feel more balanced in my body with decreased, or no, pain."

"I came in for some shoulder work. Sarah understood the issue and source of pain and did a great job!"

"Julie is incredibly skilled, professional, and a great communicator. In just a handful of sessions, I experienced a significant reduction in my jaw pain and jaw clicking!"

“Kat does a great job of assessing muscle imbalances and activating weak muscles. There was a noticeable difference in the way I walked before and after my appointment. MAT is pretty fascinating and Kat has a gift for it.”

"Sarah was amazing as always. She really knows how to work out my sore spots."

"Sue was all I hoped she’d be. I just came from another therapist that I had been with for almost 25 years who retired. I thought the change would be hard, but she made it very easy."

"Have utilized Julie and her team for many years, as have all of the members of my family - an easy decision once the first of us was exposed to Julie's extraordinary talents as a therapist. Nothing she and her team can't address in the way of life's various aches and pains. Highly recommend!"

"Julie is, quite simply, the best and most knowledgeable/professional/effective massage therapist with whom I have ever worked."

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